The Arts in Health International Foundation (AiHIF) is founded in Barcelona in 2018 by an accomplished group of professionals of both arts and health sectors interested in the potential of the arts in improving the health of people and societies.

AiHIF was born with a clear international reach to become a meeting point for the different experiences and approaches of the arts in health community around the world. It has the ambition to become one of the main world references in the Arts in Health field, contributing decisively to its expansion and consolidation.

Principles of the Arts in Health International Foundation 

Interdisciplinarity (health, culture, social)
Rigor, evidence and quality
International aim
Agent of change and social progress

Foundation Board of Trustees

         David Elvira, Trustee and President  bio

         Jordi Sellas, Trustee and Vice-President   bio

         Cristina Domènech, Trustee  bio

         Toni Andreu, Trustee  bio

         Cristina Nadal, Trustee  bio

         Jordi Blanch, Trustee  bio

         Pere Ardite, Trustee  

         Ferran Julià, Trustee and Secretary  bio


Advisory Board

         Lanfranco Li Cauli, Teatro alla Scala di Milano

         Ventura Barba, Advanced Music, (Sónar-Sónar+D)